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Upcoming Auditions and Productions



Willy Wonka (Vocal Range G3-F5): Willy Wonka is an enigmatic character; at once mysterious and mischievous but also charismatic.  He is the owner of Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

Charlie Bucket (Vocal Range A3-F5): Charlie is the emotional heart and soul of the musical.  One of the children selected to tour Wonka's Factory.

Grandpa Joe (Vocal Range Bb3-Eb5): Charlie's grandfather.  He is caring, patient, sweet, and always reminds Charlie to look on the bright side.

Mr. Bucket (Vocal Range D4-C#5): Charlie's father.

Mrs. Bucket (Vocal Range Bb3-Db5): Charlie's mother, a natural nurturer.

Violet Beauregarde (Vocal Range G3-G5): Gum chewer extraordinaire, Violet hails from Snellville, Georgia.

Mike Teavee (Vocal Range G3-G5): Mike is addicted to TV, videogames, the internet, and any other mindnumbing technological device.  He does not understand the word "No."

Veruca Salt (Vocal Range A3-E5): Veruca is a wealthy, class-conscious, and completely spoiled brat.  She is usually British.

Augustus Gloop (Vocal Range B3-G5): Augustus is the overachieving eater.  

Candy Man (Vocal Range G3-F5): The owner of the candy shop in town.

Grandpa George: One of Charlie's grandparents.

Grandma Georgina: One of Charlie's grandparents.

Grandma Josephina: One of Charlie's grandparents.

Phineous Trout (Vocal Range B3-C5): The reporter who announces the winners of the Golden Ticket contest throughout the show.

Mrs. Gloop (Vocal Range B3-E5): Augustus's mother, who has overindulged her son with food.

Mrs. Beauregarde (Vocal Range C4-G4): Violet's mother, who is a teacher of geography and has invested a great deal of hard-earned money on therapy for her gum-chewing daughter with less than stellar results.

Mr. Salt (Vocal Range C4-G4): Veruca's father, who's solution. to most problems is to buy his way out.  He is upperclass and usually British.

Mrs. Teavee (Vocal Range B3-F5): Mike's mother; a take on TV sitcom moms.

James (Vocal Range A3-F#4): Charlie's friend from school.

Matilda (Vocal Range C#4-B4): Charlie's friend from school; a bit of a bully.

Ensemble: Oompa Loompas, Squirrels, Candy Shop Kids, and more!


Presenting "Willy Wonka Jr."

Sign up today here!

Age Limit: 9-14

Everyone who signs up is guaranteed to be in the show!

Participation Fee: There is a participation fee of $350 to be a part of "Willy Wonka Jr." This participation fee helps us to cover production costs including costumes, sets, show rights, and more, and helps us ensure we can put on a high quality show. A 50% deposit of $175 is due within two weeks of signing up, and the remaining $175 will be due on the first day of the program. Payment can be made in cash or checks, or via Venmo (with an additional fee). The deposit and final payment are non-refundable.

Auditions: Each participant will take part in an audition on the second day of our program.  While everyone is guaranteed to be cast in the show, auditions help us determine which role(s) each person receives.  Audition material will be taught on the first day of the program and auditions will be held the following day.

Rehearsals: Rehearsals will take place Monday-Thursday starting July 1, 2024 from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (no rehearsal July 4) at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church located at 708 Route 88, Point Pleasant NJ.  All cast members are called to every rehearsal.  Rehearsal attendance is key to the success of our show, and all participants are expected to prioritize attending every rehearsal.  Attendance at tech week rehearsals is mandatory to participate in the show.

Performances: We will hold TWO performances of "Willy Wonka Jr." one on Friday August 2 (evening) and one on Saturday August 3 (matinee).  Participants must be available for both shows in order to participate in the program.

Production Team:

Director - Eric Pertgen

Music Director - Chelsea Carlson


The aim of this program is to give young performers an authentic musical theater experience, complete with auditions, tech rehearsals, and high-quality shows, all while learning the ropes of musical theater and honing their skills in acting, singing, and dance.  At the Artist Collective Troupe, we pride ourselves on putting on excellent shows regardless of the age of our cast.  While this program will serve as a learning experience for our young performers, it is a full, unabridged production of "Willy Wonka Jr." and our cast will be expected to be responsible, committed, and ready to do their best, so they can walk away from this experience better performers and proud of what they have achieved.

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